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About Me

About Me

Hi Moms and Moms to be

Let me introduce myself by my name. I am Sid basically a Physician by profession but now a full time mom of a baby girl who is only 11 months old. My aim to build up this site is to share my experience of losing weight with you.

Obesity is the hottest issue now-a-days and we as women are more prone to obesity, the most common cause is post pregnancy weight gain.

When I delivered my baby, my weight was 170 pounds and now that she is 11 months old, I have reduced 55 pounds till  now and still have a long way to go. I have thoroughly researched the topic of losing baby weight after pregnancy and through few very useful tips I lost this much weight.

For me, having an  ideal BMI is always a priority. Keeping a track of my BMI helps me rearrange my life style when required and being a mom its very important for all of us to stay within healthy range.

Here, on this site, I tried to summarize all the helpful tricks I used to reduce my baby weight and gain my confidence back.

Feel free to share your experience or queries with me.



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