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Creeping Obesity Is A Reality

Creeping Obesity or CrOb (pronounced See-ah-ob) is a very real phenomena that most obese people can relate to. When you see someone who is so morbidly obese you wonder how they could ever allow themselves to get that fat, you are most likely looking at a classic case of CrOb. This person didn’t just wake up one morning to find themselves 300lbs overweight. This took time. Time and dedicated hard work!

It’s Caused By Eating Too Much

While there are people who have absolutely no control over their condition and they can point to non-performing thyroids and whatever other medical conditions result in such obesity; the truth of the matter is that perhaps 97% of all morbidly obese people, and those who are classified as merely obese or overweight, got there because they ate too much food and did not burn off enough of it. Instead their body stored the extra calories as fat, it is what it is designed to do. It’s called survival.

Little By Little, Obesity Happens:

If you take a 15 year old person and have them consume enough calories so that every day they increase their weight by just 1 gram (0.035oz), in 1000 days they will have added 1kg (2.2lb) to their body weight. That works out at 365 grams (12.7oz) every year. In just twenty years they will weigh 7.3kg (16.3lb) more than they did when they were 15. By the time they are 55 they will have increased 14.6kg (32.18lb) over their original weight. That is without taking into account the normal, healthy weight increase any adult human experiences between 15 and 25. When we factor in how the metabolism naturally begins to slow down after around this age, yet we rarely cut down on how much we eat every meal, we can see that the weight gain by the time we hit 55 will be a lot more than just the 14.6kg/32.18lb caused by CrOb. CrOb at just 1gram per day. You can not pick up 1 gram of anything except perhaps a few grains of sugar.

Eat Less, Move More

As over simplistic as it may sound, if that person didn’t gain that 1 gram per day than they would be 14.6kg/32.18lb less in weight at age 55 than if they did. They will still probably be overweight, but not by as much. How many of us would love to lose even half that in an eyeblink? There is no secret, it is not rocket science but simple arithmetic. Burn off what you take in and you won’t gain weight. Burn off more than you take in and you lose weight. Take in more than you burn off and you keep doing what you have been doing every day of your life. Even if just by one tiny gram each and every day. It is like compound interest, it all adds up and then it compounds because the more you have the harder it is to lose unless you leverage the other part of the formula. Time.

Eat less today than you did yesterday and keep doing that. Move more today than you did yesterday and the weight will creep down just like it crept up.

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