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Saturated Or Unsaturated Fats Aren’t So Bad?

How many times are we told that fat is bad for you? That if you eat fat then it will immediately go straight to your hips, butt or tummy and remain there forever and nothing you do will ever dislodge it. Too many times and not once was it actually true

Saturated Or Unsaturated Fats Aren’t So Bad?

That was the next great fib we swallowed. The one about saturated fats and unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated and whatever other scientific names we had to remember how to pronounce. Can you list the good fats and the bad fats/ Is it unsaturated or saturated that is better than the other kind? I know, I get confused too.

Oils, Nuts And Butter Is Bad, Or Is It?

Avocados are supposed to be so high in fat and cholesterol you die just thinking about a guacamole dip for your corn chip. There might be more fat in the corn chip and certainly there will be salt and sugar. Olive oil isn’t bad for you, quite the contrary. Look at those fat but long living Mediterranean people who consume it every day of their lives, gallons of the stuff. As for nuts, didn’t our ancestors forage for nuts and berries, grubs and wild vegetables? I would have thought our bodies were still programmed to digest natural fats from nuts, butter, eggs and milk but not those chemical concoctions that are supposed to be better for you but aren’t. Like margarine and other fake butter spreads.

Artificial Sweeteners, The Hint Is In The First Word

Those artificial sweeteners are not fat but they are artificial. They make the liver work overtime and along with all the wrong things it has to deal with makes life hard for your organs. There are fats that help you burn stored fat and other fats that the body has no need for right now so they store them, as fat. We’ll look at those in more detail some other time.

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