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Sugar Is The Enemy

If you want to get thin and into better shape then you need to declare war! Declare war on the enemy and the enemy is not fat, calories or anything like that. The enemy is sugar. You have probably known this for some time or at least had a sneaking suspicion about the insidious nature of that sweet substance. Now you know. It’s official. Sugar is the enemy of the people.

Sweet Surrender

We humans are designed to handle sweet things, but very much in moderation. We are not designed to be able to absorb the bombardment we endure every day from sugar and sugar filled products. Because sweet is a sensation or taste that is pleasurable, sugar is the sneakiest enemy of them all. Just like the siren’s and their song, luring sailors onto the rocks and oblivion, sugar tells us it’s ok, we deserve a little pampering, a little taste good. Well tell your enemy to stay away from you as much as possible.

The Wrong Kind Of Sugar

Refined white sugar is considered the worst sugar there is but it isn’t. Raw sugar, brown sugar and refined, white sugar are neither here nor there in the bad for you stakes other than bad. What is worse and worst of all is the hidden sugar that is in every processed food on the market. Since the turn of the 19th century modern milling methods have made sugar easier to produce and transport. The level of sweetness went up in the 1890s ad 1900s in all western countries. We could now get on a daily basis so many sweet foods we previously could only get rarely if at all. The cost of sweet things dropped and the rates of dental decay and obesity climbed. As we became more and more reliant on technology and more and more sedentary in our daily activities, sugar took over and made 43% of us in the USA obese.

Avoid Processed Foods

Avoid processed foods. Anything that comes in a packet with more than one ingredient on the side is suspect. Read the ingredient list and avoid processed items, easy to prepare meals and all the convenience things. They are packed with sugar and they are killing you! Fight back, destroy the enemy right from today.

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