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Tea Helps Your Waistline

Tea helps you lose waist. Not weight so much as waist and that is what you want to shed, right?

Waist or Weightloss?

We often mix the two up and really, fat weighs a lot less than bone and muscle and very often an exercise regime will burn off fat, but it might build muscle too. The end result is you weigh as much, maybe more than before. Of course that is a healthy kind of weight to have so let’s not think weight. Let’s think waist.

Tea Helps Your Waistline

Drinking tea, regardless of what kind, will help you lose inches around your waist. The health benefits inbuilt in the tea leaf alone are amazing, including anti-tumoric, anti-oxidant and anti-just about everything else properties. Some teas though, are better than others when it comes to helping you lose waist.

Tea Takes Over

Tea will happily replace other beverages such as coffee. Coffee is rarely drank black, most people sweeten it with milk and sugar. Even those who drink it black are not getting anywhere near the health benefits that come built in to the tea leaf. Coffee and cigarettes tend to go together because of the kinship between the kind of caffeine in coffee and nicotine, according to some surveys and scientific research. Tea also has a more healthy, natural persona and although we often think of Green Tea, there are enormous benefits to be had in all varieties. Tea takes over where food cravings left off so you can drink yourself thinner. Just don’t dunk too many biscuits while you drink!

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