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Ginger Benefits


The Ginger root is used for medicinal reasons other than just being a culinary item. Ginger has a somewhat pungent smell and taste. It has been used for more than 2000 years by Chinese herbalists not only for flavoring their food, but as a medicine. Ginger benefits one’s health in ways such as relieving nausea, […]

Health Benefits of Radishes

The radish is root vegetable that has been grown and eaten throughout the world for many years.  With many varieties that can be grown year-round, they may be used in a variety of dishes.  Because of the number of people with a strong focus on eating healthy, radishes are appreciated for their many health benefits.  […]

Tea Helps Your Waistline

Tea helps you lose waist. Not weight so much as waist and that is what you want to shed, right? Waist or Weightloss? We often mix the two up and really, fat weighs a lot less than bone and muscle and very often an exercise regime will burn off fat, but it might build muscle […]

Tea Is The Answer

After water, the second most popular drink in the world is tea. Tea has been consumed by mankind since the 10th Century BC. Its cooling, astringent and slightly bitter flavor is appreciated around the world. The best way to drink tea for health is the natural infusion way, without milk or sugar. Herbal Tea Herbal, […]

Sugar Is The Enemy

If you want to get thin and into better shape then you need to declare war! Declare war on the enemy and the enemy is not fat, calories or anything like that. The enemy is sugar. You have probably known this for some time or at least had a sneaking suspicion about the insidious nature […]

Saturated Or Unsaturated Fats Aren’t ...

How many times are we told that fat is bad for you? That if you eat fat then it will immediately go straight to your hips, butt or tummy and remain there forever and nothing you do will ever dislodge it. Too many times and not once was it actually true Saturated Or Unsaturated Fats […]

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercises are basically meant to Maintain your heart rate.Cardiovascular exercises are utmost important  to reduce your weight but again they should be done with some instructions which are summed below: 1. Start by determining your maximum heart rate. I suggest the following formula: 220 minus your age = estimated maximum heart rate. Take the […]