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21 Days Diet Plan



Here is the best trick ever to lose weight

Healthy Diet + Regular Exercise + Discipline = Weight Loss/Desired Results.

We are here to help you drop weight fast. Follow us and achieve your goal

It is a matter of a proper training regimen, a healthy diet and most importantly discipline. It doesn’t matter how less we eat, if we are not active we are not burning calories. Also if we don’t have a healthy diet or control over our appetite, we will soon realize that we are not achieving our desired results.

Here you’ll find the diet plan that helped me lose weight after having my baby. It is a seven day plan which you can follow till three weeks. If your taste buds don’t allow you follow something specific you can play around with it and repeat the same meal or snack again. Important thing is to have small frequent meals.

The daily snacks can be consumed in the morning or the afternoon. If you feel like you need an additional snack, no problem — you can add an additional cup of fruit each day.

Lets start with Monday.

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