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Losing Weight: 5 Natural Weight Loss Tips

5 Ways To Naturally Lose Weight

With so much emphasis on health and fitness today, it is no surprise that more and more people are finding effective ways of losing weight. The limiting factor though, is often the time people with hectic lives have to spare for exercise, or in many other cases, knowledge of the ways to achieve effective weight loss. Outlined here will be 5 simple, natural ways anyone can employ in the comfort of their own home, or better yet, even at work. No scary bathroom visits, just straightforward weight loss.


  • Using water for weight loss – with so many important uses of water, there is scarcely a reason why you should not incorporate more of it into a natural weight loss approach.                                                                                                                          Water not only helps to flush the body of metabolic by-products and toxins, but has been shown to be a positive aid on metabolism. However, the role of water for losing weight in this discussion is not any of these; in fact one of the most proven effects of water is as an appetite suppressant. Taken before a meal, water has been shown to cut down the amount of food eaten by up to 25%. What this translates to is a consumption of 25% less calories throughout the day, theoretically increasing your rate of weight loss by 400%! So being cheap, convenient and basically for everyone, why not give it a shot?
  • Eat an apple– apples are a powerful addition to an effective weight loss regimen. In fact, more than anything else, apples are chosen to help with weight loss. They are rich in fiber, vitamins and abundant antioxidants, which help to suppress appetite naturally as well as provide a slow steady stream of energy. It was shown that eating an apple before each meal further decreases appetite by about 10-20 %, so  an apple (Or 3) a day keeps the doctor away is true.
  • Use cinnamon as part of a health plan for losing weight- cinnamon has demonstrated ability to decrease cravings by directly modulating blood glucose levels. By having adequate control over your blood sugar levels you also help to maintain normal cholesterol levels. By simply consuming approximately 3 grams, spread throughout the day your weight loss plan can be a resounding success. Cinnamon has also proven to be of extreme benefit to diabetic patients.
  • Eat a grapefruit daily– grapefruit and its associated juice is another great natural way to be rid of your excess weight. Grapefruit helps to increase metabolic rate as well as decreasing free radical levels in the body. This helps to ensure that metabolic waste products are deactivated prior to excretion by the body.
  • Green tea (extract) – the Asian continent, consisting of China, Japan and other oriental countries, have long been known to enjoy high quality life and rare incidence of obesity. This was largely due to consumption of natural teas. Today, it is more convenient to consume green tea extract capsules, between two and six per day, which increase caloric expenditure and promote thermogenesis.

These are the most well documented and proven methods to naturally and effectively lose weight.

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